In every business, there are times when we could all do with a bit of help to steer us through the labyrinth of employment legislation and fractious workplace issues. Our company remit is to help anyone in need of an HR guiding hand.

As an employer, you may put off dealing with difficult issues because you don’t have the time or you are worried about how it will affect your company and staff. However, if you don’t deal with issues promptly, they can become time consuming and more complicated. It doesn’t matter whether it is a routine query, or a more serious issue, having someone to support you means that you can continue to focus on running your business.

HR Resolutions specialise in providing expert outsourced recommendations, bespoke flexible services and practical employment support for employers including, but not limited to:

Over and above our standard HR services for day-to-day issues, we also do things differently and can offer your business so much more, including:


You don’t have to be a company to get in touch with us and we have successfully supported many individuals. As an employee you may be experiencing a difficult HR issue at work, but perhaps you are worried about how to deal with it? Our services are there for individuals too, so if you’re an employee feeling stressed about a work related HR issue, contact us and let’s see if we can help.

Why HR Resolutions?

We bring an innovative and fresh take on HR and you know what? It works! That’s what differentiates us from the rest. Our clients have remained loyal throughout the last 12 years, and we take much pride in this. We like to think they return because:

Whether you’re an employer, or individual, why not get in touch and talk us through your HR issues? We’d be happy to help.

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What our clients say...

"After working for the same business for 21 years I suddenly found myself in a redundancy situation."


"Libby was highly recommended to me. She helped my through a very difficult time and was a constant source of good professional HR advice as well as a sympathetic ear."


"She helped me separate my personal feelings from the situation and advised me through difficult situation from the beginning to conclusion arriving at a very favourable outcome."


"I would highly recommend her, as her advise and HR knowledge was exceptional."

Brent Duncan
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